About LiteStaff

What is LiteStaff

LiteStaff.com is an automated staff scheduling service. It is web based, so no special software is required, and it can be accessed from any Internet enabled device.

How LiteStaff came about

LiteStaff evolved from the vision to leverage present day technologies to address the staff scheduling challenges businesses were facing. Spending 8 hours a day on the phone is not desirable, and more importantly, shouldn't be necessary in today's high-tech world. This is what LiteStaff was made to solve. Merging today's latest technologies with these business challenges was how the LiteStaff.com service came about.

User feedback

"At this day and age, having LiteStaff as one of your staffing tools, a major tool to that matter, is such a breeze. This automated staffing system saves you a tremendous time to make calls and wait for responses. All staff bookings are well executed and fully documented, that leave no space for error. You can handle the task and see results at anywhere and at anytime. Plus, saving on labor costs is factor to consider for the bottom line."

- Mel Balazuela
Booking Department Director
Exquisite Staffing LLC
New York, New York